The Moving of Heavy Items Is Best Left to Professionals

The Moving of Heavy Items Is Best Left to Professionals

When you are moving a home or office, there can be some items that need to be moved that are heavy and need special attention from the local movers that you appoint. Heavy items are those that typically weigh more than 300 pounds and may require at three or more moving personnel to handle, pack and move. In addition, these items may also require special handling where it is required for them to be taken up or down stairs or both.

Typically household furniture will rarely exceed this weight, but things like a piano, a safe, furniture that has granite or marble, some wooden furniture, gym equipment that is non-standard, large aquariums, hot tubs and other special equipment may fall in the category of heavy items. Professional removalists will quote separately for such items because they will require special handling and packing. They have been known to lift such items out of homes with cranes and hoists, and this does need special handling, and securing before such work is attempted.

Where heavy items are to be taken down a flight of stairs, or up again at the relocation site, the number of steps can play a large part in determining the cost and number of people required for the work, as well as some special equipment, that often has to be hired out. You can require the services of such professionals even while you are shifting these heavy items within your home and need to change its location.

When such heavy items are required to be packed before shifting, it may also require special attention to packing, and to make sure that the box or crate devised for packing can safely take the load imposed on it, while it is being lifted or shifted after packing. It will require to have a very sturdy framework that can take the weight easily while it is being moved. Special care must be taken to see that the heavy item that has been packed does not move within the crate or box, as this by itself can impose additional loads that are quite difficult to handle.

When heavy items are to be moved within a home or to a new location, they have to move through doorways, and the moulding on these doors may require to be removed to enable more width. Furniture sliders can be of great help when moving heavy items, but care must be taken to move them slowly, as their momentum can become quite high and not easy to control. Awkward sized objects that are heavy, any need specially constructed dollies or other arrangements that allow the movers to have proper control over the object. Lifts and harnesses may become a must.

Lifting and moving heavy items requires special techniques for lifting and shifting, with a lot of importance being given to ensure that the centre of gravity of the item is as low as possible. The movement must be under the control of one person so that it is conducted in a controlled manner.

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