Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations When It’s Time To Sell

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations When It’s Time To Sell

Bathroom and kitchen renovations sell houses. Completing one is a great way to increase the appeal of any home, bring more potential buyers to the table and get and get an offer you are happy with faster.

When completing a bathroom or kitchen renovation for resale, it is important to understand what other houses in your neighbourhood are offering. Hire an experienced Realtor to pull comps for other homes in the area, and take some time to tour a few houses to get an idea of what their kitchens and bathrooms look like. This will help you to understand the renovations you really need to undertake and to avoid over-improving your home that can increase your chances of losing profits once you account for the money spent on the renovations.

While some renovations are costly, sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact when it comes time to sell. Consider projects like painting walls, replacing outdated tile, adding stainless steel appliances or refinishing cabinets and adding hardware. In many cases, these renovations are easy to accomplish on your own, and if you do choose to hire a general contractor, the costs will be minimal when compared to more major renovation decisions.

Another important thing, to consider when renovating for resale, is that you never want to make your bathroom or kitchen too trendy or style specific. It is always important to offer potential buyers a blank canvas that they can put their stamp on, so sticking to neutral colours and popular materials is a great idea. While you might love bright blues, cork floors and brick countertops, adding these things will limit your potential pool of buyers and may make your house sit on the market for longer than you had hoped.

Finally, before you tackle any design changes for resale, make sure to take care of anything that needs to be fixed. Regardless of the offer you get on your home, your likelihood of a sale going through will diminish quickly if you have a leaky roof or faulty plumbing. Make sure your electrical wiring is working 100% – call in a electrical company to test everything. A qualified inspector is sure to recognise these things and point them out to the buyer, and this can reduce the amount they are willing to pay for the house or make them walk away entirely.

Renovations sell homes, and this is especially true in the kitchen and bathroom. Make wise remodeling choices before listing your house to increase your chances of seeing a fast sale and big profits.

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